Layout of rentable area 9000M2
LakeShore ONE is accessed by two main entrances with concierge desks. The passenger elevator is located centrally on the north-south axis, in the core area of the building. On each floor, there are three separate links from this core area to the office spaces. The architects have enclosed a proposal for the breakdown of office space on the 1st to 4th floors as an appendix to this document. For LakeShore ONE this incorporates eight group offices, three large offices and two conference rooms on each floor, while LakeShore TWO has seven group offices, three large offices and two conference rooms on each floor. The space can be divided up using non-load bearing partition wall systems. All usable areas have a false floor suitable for running wiring conduits. The space beneath is also used as a distribution network for the building‘s technical systems. Furthermore, all offices have a suspended climate control ceiling with sound absorption elements.

The Building Concept

The facility management
The building concept has efficient facility management arranged around the freely accessible core area. Staircases are accessible within the core area. This means that there is no need for technical operatives to enter office areas. Redundant major staircases and passenger and goods elevators are included in the design.

The energy concept
LakeShore ONE and TWO are already designed to meet the minergie standard from the ground up. The building‘s technology focuses on renewable energy. A grid replacement system is provided, which uses diesel generators and emergency batteries to provide an emergency power supply.

There is also the option of fitting out LakeShore ONE and TWO to green energy standards.